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IVR Orchestrator provides bulk orchestration of IVR prompt media across multiple IVR’s in your RingCentral® account. The IVR prompt is the media that callers hear when calling an IVR before any key presses are performed. A summary of available features includes:

  • Bulk orchestration of IVR prompt media across multiple IVR’s.
  • Schedule and combine prompts to start/end on a specific date/time.
  • Tag IVR names with custom values to group and filter by business-specific logic for easier bulk editing.
  • API integration to your RingCentral media library and IVR’s.
  • Customizable role-based access and granular permissions control.

See the quick start below or visit the user guide for full documentation.

Quick Start


Chrome or Firefox web browser and a RingCentral® account with Multi-Level IVR's enabled.

Logging In

Log in to IVR Orchestrator using your RingCentral® credentials at the following URL:


Your RingCentral account administrator will need to enable access to this application for the role of your RingCentral user (see the users section below).

New accounts automatically receive a free 14-day trial period upon first login. After the trial period expires, you must contact your Account Executive or Sales Representative to purchase a subscription for your account.


The IVR section of this application displays a list of all IVR’s present in your RingCentral account. The list of IVR’s can be filtered to create a group that can be used to scope bulk management operations.

IVR prompts can be applied to IVR's immediately on an individual basis or in bulk, or they can be scheduled for deployment at a specified start/end date/time. Clicking on the name of any IVR in the data table will allow you to see the prompt media currently in use for the IVR as well as any upcoming scheduled prompts.

This application takes the scheduled prompt media and combines it with the default prompt media into a single audio file that can be dynamically managed and deployed to the RingCentral platform for each IVR. Scheduled prompts are played in the order you specify and the default prompt media is heard last.

Multi-Level IVR's must be implemented on the account to use this application.

Scheduling Prompts

Scheduling a prompt allows you to define a start and end date and time during which the prompt should be active. You may schedule up to five (5) additional prompts in addition to the default prompt media.

  • Be aware when scheduling prompts across IVR’s in different time zones or site time formats (12h or 24h). For example, if you are bulk editing IVR’s across both the central and mountain time zones to schedule a prompt, and specify 3pm as the start time, it will be scheduled as 3pm central time and 3pm mountain time (no localization is performed).

Optional Naming Convention

IVR’s using the optional naming convention described below are further recognized by this application. These values are used to create custom columns in the IVR section data table that allows for grouping/filtering based on unique business-specific logic.

Use the following pattern when naming your IVR’s inside of the RingCentral service portal to take advantage of this feature:


(64) character maximum, including spaces and punctuation. You may specify up to (5) custom key:value pairs separated by commas.

Each key:value pair represents an individual column in the IVR section data table. The key is the column heading and the value is the cell content. For example, you may have stores organized by state, region, district, etc. This could be modeled using the following the IVR naming convention example:


This allows bulk operations to be executed across user-defined datasets, for example changing the IVR prompts on all stores/locations in region 12.


Media refers to the actual audio files that callers hear when interacting with an IVR. The media section of this application displays a list of all media present in your RingCentral account. You may also add new media and remove existing media.

MP3 and WAV file types are supported. Multiple files can be uploaded simultaneously (bulk upload).

This section is fully integrated to the media library in your RingCentral account:

  • Media imported into this application will appear in the RingCentral account media library.
  • Media added directly to the RingCentral account media library will appear in this application.
  • Deleted media will be removed from both this app and the RingCentral Office account media library.

Any media that is present can be used for orchestration activities across a single or multiple IVR prompts.


The users section allows you to define which roles from your RingCentral account will have access to this application and what permissions the users having those roles will be granted. It also shows what users from your account have logged into the application.

A list of all roles present in your RingCentral account is automatically populated into the roles section. Enable a specific role with permissions to give its users’ access to this application.

The built-in super admin role is hardcoded with permanent RW access to avoid the potential of accidentally getting locked out. A user with a super admin role on the RingCentral account must perform the initial role-enablement for other users this application.

Permissions can be set for each existing role. You may grant read-only or read-write access to each individual section of this application to any given role.

Orchestrating Your First IVR Prompts

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Wrapping Up

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